iPhone 8 Issues on Qi Feature: Slower and a One-Night Wireless Charging

The new Apple iPhone 8 is the new source for the rumors. From the release date, the specs and other rumors about it are already spread widely. The one surprising rumor that recently comes is that it will be featured with the Qi charging standard on the smart phone. Some believe that this is disappointing news. The explanation about it will be given below.

The Wireless Charging of iPhone 8

Some source mentioned clearly about the iPhone feature that supports the charging system. Apple will support the 7.5W wireless charging through Qi. Actually, the Qi standard allows for a maximum number of 15W which will be followed by the smart phone. It is also mentioned that this 7.5W allows for 5V and the 1.5A. But Apple will share the program with the third party called MFi chips. This means that the restriction will be enforced for MFi.

iphone 8 wireless charging

The disappointing news doesn’t end here. The rumor said that the same charger will be applicable for both Apple Watch and the iPhone 8. This makes the expectation of the iPhone 8 is going negatively. Some mentioned that probably some of the users will need to buy the more expensive wireless charger or some of the additional things like that. On the other hands, Apple has been claimed that this company has the poor record about this thing.

What if this true?

People who are waiting for the next Apple’s flagship are currently thinking much about this one. Some of them are afraid that this information will be true. So what will happen if this information is true?

If the information about this charging issue of iPhone 8 is true, it means that Apple will just introduce the wireless charging the market trend without making any great deal.

But, this information has been revealed and confirmed by Apple. Some speculation rejected about the charging issue that will be slower and can take one-night only to make the battery full. This is because Apple hasn’t announced any official information regarding iPhone 8. On the other hand, many trusted sources mentioned that Apple is currently preparing the advanced technology to be featured in its next flagship product.

And since iPhone 8 is expected to be released in late September or probably go on sale in between October or November 2017, all of us just need to wait for the release date to prove the rumor.

Not long from now, Apple will release the information about iPhone 8 and we’ll see if there is news about the specs and design that can make us worthy to purchase it.

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