Apple Releases The iPhone X With Super Retina Display and Face ID

Apple is the big company from USA announced the new product iPhone X. It brings something different so many people will fall in love with. Yes, the new Smartphone with great features. Those are the an edge-to-edge display and wireless charging. This result has been reached after some years. Now, you can enjoy this feature from this company.

The design of iPhone X is very cool. It uses all-glass design. Then, you can see that there is the small cuout for sensors. There is also the front-facing camera. Besides that, it is completed by the spectacular feature of A11 Bionic  processor. Of course, it supports the wireless charging process by using the Qi wireless standard. Please read the iPhone X user guide.

iphone x

For supporting the wireless charging in iPhone X, iPhone will release the AirPower. Through this device, you will be able to charging the iPhone X you have. Not only this product, it can be used at the same time with Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods. But, you must be patient for waiting the Airpower because next year it won’t be available.

The Great New Screen of iPhone X

There is the new appearance at iPhone X with Super Retine display. This feature makes this Smartphone being more beautiful than the Apple products before that still use traditional OLED panels. The Smartphone has 5.8 inches diagonal. Then, the resolution of it is 2436 x 1125 (458 ppi). By the new display, Apple comes with new features.

iPhone X is also completed by True Tone technology feature and 3D touch. HDR 10 and Dolby Vision are also available in this iPhone X.

You will not find the Touch ID in this new type product. Apple gives something different with iPhone X by introducing the Face ID as the new features. This feature is for unlocking the phones.

There is the insane amount of front facing sensors at the front of the smartphone. Those are infrared camera, a flood illuminator, and dot projector. The featuers will have the functions to power Face ID.

The system works with there are 30,000 invisible IR dots will fire when you look the device of iPhone X. After that, the pattern of the image will be checked by the phone at the real time.

Don’t be worried. Although your face changes over time, the system will adapt it well. For example, when you have the beard, the system of the device will know you exactly, and it knows that you are the owner. It is also same when you change your hairstyle, wearing the sunglasses, putting on a hat and the others. It really protects the spoofing.

Compared to touch ID, the face ID is more secure. The chance for tricking the face ID is fewer than the one. Perhaps, it is just once out of million times for spoofing. It may happen if you have the twin.

Device enclave is the space for securing all the data. The special feature from this phone is it needs your attention as the user for unlocking. For that, when you are sleeping, no one can unlock the iPhone X.


Iphone X has the camera with 12 MP for the back. There are dual camera with f1.8 and f2.4 diaphragm. It has the capacity of 3GB. The camera sensor of this device is installed vertically at the left edge. Then, the front camera has the resolution of 7 MP.

The feature like images OIS quad LED True Tone flash supports this Smartphone. This feature is like iPhone 8. As a users, you will get the feature with great lighting. Here, you can choose the lighting effect as based on what you want to. New portrait lighting system is available from the combination of A 11 Bionic and the perfect camera. Through this device, there is the real time analysis. You can add the lighting effect both before and after the picture taken.

iPhone X also can record the video in a high quality. With the combination of A 11, you can create the video at 60 FPS in low light mode.

The Availability of the iPhone X

iPhone X has the battery longer than the iPhone 7. It can life two hours more. It can be recharge by using the nircable wireless. It is supported by Qi.

iPhone X sells at $999 for the 64GB model. Another one with 256 GM model, the price didn’t mention by apple. For the pre ordering of iPhone X, it starts from October 27. Then, it will be ready on November 3. The high price is suitable with the great feature this phone has.

If you are not patient to wait this phone launched, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus can be your option because those products have been ready on September 12, 2017. Prepare your budget well and then enjoy your life with the high technology from Apple.

Mastering Your Galaxy S9 Phone by Reading The Galaxy S9 User Manual PDF

Samsung Galaxy S9 manual PDF explores many adventures. Such as you know, people can around the world only through the mobile phone screen. Even, this case can be done every time and whenever. The people will take around the world on their Instagram, Facebook, Path, and so on. Nevertheless, you will not do all or unable to operate the phone in case you do not understand about the manual. So, why you should take the guidebook PDF? It is because more flexible than bring the real book. You quite read it on the phone or laptop. Is it interesting, right?

galaxy s9 user manual

The Reason of Samsung Galaxy S9 User manual PDF

Obvious, Samsung Galaxy S9 user manual PDF is more nature-friendly. The presence on the screen surely also reduce the usage of the paper. Meanwhile, the paper has the main material from the tree. The more paper usage, the more tree cut. It implies the population of the tree will always diminish whereas need a long time to grow the tree. Besides that, the function of the tree produces oxygen for the people and the animals. It also makes the earth fresher, shady, and fulfill the other needs.

Secondly, download the manual PDF is as easy as making fried noodle. You can get it from the smartphone and the web. Both have the different ways to download but you will not get any difficulty during the process. Even though, you must install the Adobe Reader if you have not it.

From the phone, you first find the Home Screen, Apps Screen, and the user manual. Meanwhile, download through the web is only need two steps with the support page and the user manual. Inside of the PDF are lots of contents such as the Features, Settings, Apps, Connections, Displays, and the rest.

So, Samsung Galaxy S9 user manual PDF is very appropriate for everyone. With the explanation above, you do not need to the other reasons to make sure.

The Extra Feature from Galaxy Note 8 Will Come True

The Galaxy Note 8 is a kind of mobile phone with many up-to-date features. With this condition, the users will get so many benefits and will not be left behind the technology related to a mobile phone, especially Samsung. There is good news for you about this kind of a large mobile phone because it will come with extra features. It is interesting, isn’t it?

galaxy note 8 manual

With this phone, you can do so many fun activities because this mobile phone is completed with exciting features you can operate. Some exciting features of Galaxy Note 8:

Dual-SIM variant(SM-N950F/DS.

By using the Galaxy Note 8 and reading Galaxy Note 8 manual, you can use two of your lovely SIM cards in one mobile phone. It will certainly assist you to explore and operate your cards at the same time when you put them in this mobile phone. Thus, you can be easier to keep an eye everything exists in your SIM cards.

Hybrid slot

With a hybrid slot, it will be possible for you to choose between putting a microSD card or an extra SIM. In this case, it depends on your preference to fulfill your need. When you need an additional storage to save many files, it will be better for you to add a microSD in it. On the other hand, when you need to operate another SIM besides the primary SIM of yours, you are suggested to add SIM instead. So, just make it right to accomplish your need.

Larger internal Storage

There is a particular benefit of using the Galaxy Note 8 about the storage. It can be so because you will have a chance to get as much as 256 GB of internal storage in some regions. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Also, you need to know that this kind of mobile phone of Samsung can give many guarantees of enjoyment usages for a long time. It can be so because it is designed with the purposes one of them is to fulfill the need of durability.

Furthermore, it is also completed with dust and water resistance. The two of them are the most crucial matters that can break the phone while getting into them. So, make sure to get this phone to experience using a durable and up-to-date device.

How to Unlock iPhone 6s With Simple Steps That Really Easy

For the iPhone 6s user, when you are going to go to another country maybe you will get some trouble with your phone. In this conditioin, you need the way on how to unlock iPhone 6s. It is because your iPhone is locked to the provider and cannot be used. So, you need a way to solve it and will simply switch the network provider wherever you are. Here you will know how to officially unlock the iPhone 6s to help you understand the steps easily.

unlock iphone 6s

After practicing the steps, you will permanently unlock the iPhone and use any carriers or network from another country. The most recommended way is by using the iPhoneIMEI.Net because it gives the cheapest price to all of the customers. Besides that, you also should not worry about losing the money because it will refund your money. If the phone cannot be unlocked, you will get back your full money.

How to Unlock iPhone 6s With Easy Steps

Please do the following instructions below to unlock your iPhone 6S and you will use it as before without getting some trouble.

  1. The first step is to find the IMEI code. It is located on the back of the device
  2. After that, you will see the list of the device, choose the right choice based on your device (iPhone 6s)
  3. Select the recommended service that supports and also provide the IMEI number
  4. Then, you will select the unlock button
  5. Next, pay to the unlock phone charge by using your credit card
  6. After pay, please check your email address to update the unlock status. Here you will get an email confirmation about the unlock of your iPhone
  7. The completion of the unlock process will be done within a few days

Well, the steps how to unlock iPhone 6s is not difficult and you will do it soon. So, you will use your phone by using any SIM card from another country easily.  For mastering your iPhone 6 or 6s you need to read iPhone 6 manual.